Precious Plaques Wedding Planner Review

Good morning, everyone. It’s a snowy Monday for a change so I’m sitting here by the candle light doing lots of wedding planning.

This wedding planner from Precious Plaques has been helping me so much in organising and planning everything for the wedding. All to do with budgeting, venues, all the way to guest lists and table plans. It’s been helping me with it all.


I saw an example of a wedding planner made by Precious Plaques on a craft group on Facebook and fell in love instantly. When I got in touch with Precious Plaques to place my order, all I knew was that I wanted a wedding planner with a blue and white theme. I had no idea what design I was looking for or what to expect. The response from the page via Facebook message was super fast and friendly. We had a chat about the design and customisation details. I contacted on 30th

January and by 1st February I found a little message sitting in my inbox from the page with the design. I was amazed by how fast I received the image of the personalised design. By 8th February I was sent photos of my finished wedding planner. I received my order not too long after.

Let me tell you, I’d seen photos of the planner prior to receiving it but it looks even better in person. It looks so pretty. The foil detail in the lettering looks so beautiful. I was amazed by the extremely high quality the planner presented.

This planner with dividers cost me £20 but if you want a planner without the dividers, they are £14.50 each. I’m glad I spent the extra money to get the planner with dividers. They have made everything so much easier. Not only do the dividers help with organisation, they also add extra cuteness to the planner, making it something I’m going to love to keep in our wedding memory box after the big day.

These custom planners are available in various colours and designs (as seen in the following photos by Precious Plaques). The turnaround time for these is up to 21 working days as the talented lady behind this extremely professional business also works a full-time job. These are definitely worth the wait and every single penny.


You can find all the links for this amazing business below:




Avon Care Skincare Range Review | Royal Jelly Face Cream & Lip Treatment

Avon is a lot of people’s go to brand when it comes to skincare. So, I decided to jump on the Avon game.

My lips and face are huge problem areas when it comes to my skin. My lips get dry and I have super sensitive lips so if it’s too warm or too cold, I get horrible sores on my lips, So it’s really important that I keep them moisturised. My forehead, nose and chin are also very dry areas that I struggle to find products that actually help.

For these reasons, I decided to have a look at the Avon Care skincare range. Their royal jelly creams were listed as the most suitable for ”very dry skin” so I went for royal jelly. I bought the face cream and the lip treatment.

I found that both products had an extremely pleasant scent to them, even though the smell is a lot more active in the face cream. I always prefer face crams that have a pleasant scent to them instead of no scent at all

Before I start on the facial cream, I think it’s important for me to add that I’ve been using this daily for 6-7 weeks. I feel like I couldn’t possibly give a fair review on a cream if I didn’t give it enough time to show possible results.

I feel like the face cream has tackled the dry skin on my nose really well. My skin feels a lot smoother and doesn’t look so flaky when I apply foundation. However, I do think that if I go a day without applying it or if I don’t apply it before foundation, my skin goes back to stage one. I don’t think the results from this cream would last long at all if you stopped application.

I’ve found I’ve seen the best results from the lip treatment. There have been days where usually my lips would have sores if I went out in that temperature with just a normal lip balm on, but coincidence or not, I applied this on those days and haven’t had sores. In fact, I haven’t had sores since I started using this lip treatment.

If I was to rate both products, I would rate the face cream a 3/5 and the lip treatment a solid 5/5. The lip treatment really surprised me whereas the face cream surprised me at first but then was quite disappointing to see how my skin changed the one time I forgot to apply the cream before foundation.

If you’ve tried these products, let me know your thoughts below. I love to see what other people’s experiences have been with products I’ve reviewed, compared to my experience with said products.

I hope you all liked this little review post. I feel like it’s been a while since I have reviewed anything so I’m super excited to review more products. I’m really happy to be back to blogging on a more full time basis. This year, I really want to focus on making my blog better than it was last year.

The Beginning | Wedding Bells Wednesdays

Welcome to the first post of the new wedding series ”Wedding Bells Wednesdays” here on the blog. There will be a post twice a month leading up to the big day. I’ve never really shared a lot of my personal life on the blog or over on my YouTube channel (which is still in ”sleep” mode), but I’m super excited about sharing the lead up to the big day with you all here.

Who knew 5 years ago when we met each other, we’d be getting married. Isn’t life just a crazy thing?

So, this is the year we get married, 2018. I’m so excited and at the same time it hasn’t quite hit me yet. I’m still on ”is this actually happening” mode. We’ve been together for almost 5 years and engaged for the vast majority of them but finally planning the wedding makes it feel so real.

We did have plans to marry in 2016 but I fell extremely ill at the start of the year and didn’t have my operation until very late in the year so planning the wedding just didn’t feel right when it was so uncertain when I would be better. So this year, as soon as the year started, we decided to just ring up and book a date. Just like that. We rang the local registrars office and booked a date. We decided on a date that would allow us several months to plan everything carefully so that nothing is forgotten.

I have been planning bits and bobs for a while now, even before we spontaneously booked the wedding date. The wedding colour theme was decided months ago along with the venues we’d be asking for quotes and etc. To really start us off with the planning, I thought I’d order a wedding planner notebook from Precious Plaques. I fell in love with a personalised wedding planner I saw on their page and just needed one straight away. Their wedding planners are amazing. You can find my review of the wedding planner HERE.

The wedding planner has really helped bring our planning together. The final guest list is finally done after many changes. In the end, we decided to keep our wedding guest list as just close friends and family.

We have budgeted everything out pretty well. We initially did a list of prices of everything we needed if we bought everything new and without a discount. We then decided we are going to have a bit of a DIY wedding, to be different but also for money purposes. We’re both strong believers that you don’t have to put yourself in debt to have an amazing wedding, what’s important is to have the wedding you want and marry the one you love. Soppy, but true on so many levels.

We’ve decided to keep the original price list for everything and we have made a new list which is yet to be finished so we can compare the two. We’ve already saved hundreds so far by having the same things just done by me.

I’m going to be making our Save The Dates and wedding invites. In fact, I have already designed our Save The Dates, they’re now ready to print to then be sent off. I’ve also drawn up the design for the wedding invites, I will be putting them together in the next few weeks. You’ll be able to see them on here for sure.

This post is more of an introduction. I’m planning to focus more on particular aspects of planning later on. It’s all lovely but it can be so stressful too so I’m sure there’ll be a post about that too somewhere along the line. I hope you enjoy this little adventure I’m about to share with you!

Glossybox Unboxing | January 2018

Hey, everyone. It’s been a while. Hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays, but it’s back to the real world now. Looks like my first post of this year is going to be a Glossybox Unboxing which I’m definitely not complaining about.

You may remember in the December Unboxing post, I mentioned Glossybox had sent me an eyeliner with literally no product in it. Just a little update: I emailed Glossybox and they were super lovely and sent me the eyeliner I was meant to receive along with a really cute nail polish and lip stick.

Lets check out what’s in the box…


The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was this huge box that literally took up most of the actual Glossybox. The packaging is so bright that I’m pretty sure if I walked past it in store it would be super hard to miss. This is a multi-nutrient supplement designed to improve issues with fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture. This particular box contains 60 capsules which will last you 1 month. I’ve seen a lot of skin and hair supplements tablets when shopping in drugstores but I’ve never tried them. I don’t have an issue with wrinkles as of yet but I’m sure they’ll come soon so I don’t think it’s too early to start. Plus my skin actually feels horrendous right now so maybe it will help that too.


I love the colour of this, such a pretty purple, and that ombre effect though. My nails are terrible so I’m really needing something that will make them look somewhat healthier. I was expecting a nail varnish type of smell when I unscrewed the bottle but I actually got quite a pleasant smell instead. I’m looking forward to trying this one out.


The first thing I noticed when I went to get the smallest drop of this on my finger to check scent and consistency like I always do because I’m weird like that, I noticed that the tube isn’t actually that full. It took quite a while to get any product out and when I did squeeze the air out to get that tiny drop out it was like the tube wasn’t even half full. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the little sheet that came with this month’s Glossybox so I’m not sure if this is a full sized product. But I’m always up for trying new primers and just anything that will help make up look the slightest bit better on my skin so I’m going to happily give it a shot.


First of all, I love reflective gold packaging and I found this little tube so cute. The product doesn’t really have a scent, not one that I can pick up anyway.  I’ve given this one a swatch and it has lots of sparkle but the colour actually looks really flattering after a lot of blending. I would say with this product that a little definitely goes a long way.


I looove the packaging on this. It came in a brown kraft type of box and I found it quite unusual as all facial oils I receive usually come in a glossy white box. I love facial oils a little too much. They always seem to improve my skin but I haven’t found one that actually causes improvements that last a little longer. Usually with all my other facial oils, if I forget to even apply it one night, my skin becomes slightly worse than it was before I started applying the product. This facial oil smells amaaazing. I’m a little too excited to try this out and see the changes across the day/weeks but I’ll definitely be reviewing this one on here, more than likely in February.

So, this has been this month’s Glossybox. I apologise for the messy unboxing post but I lost the little sheet with the prices. Nice one, Jess.

Let me know what your favourite product was in this month’s box.

What To Expect From The Blog In 2018

My blog content is changing ever so slightly this year. Up until now, my blog was a beauty blog with a little bit of lifestyle in the mix. But now I’m wanting to do a little more lifestyle too, so there’s a little more balance.

I’ve gotten a few DMs regarding this since I first mentioned the changes coming to the blog. Don’t worry, I will still be doing the monthly Glossybox Unboxing posts. I love doing them and even though I had some issues with Glossybox as you’ll have seen on the blog past few months, I’m more than happy to keep giving them a go since you all seem to like these posts so much. If I do decide to take a little break from Glossybox, don’t worry as I’ll get another beauty subscription box to substitute for these posts and posts will go up monthly as normal.

I have so many series planned for the blog throughout the year, however, I’m still trying to figure out what you would all rather me do and which to start first. I have already started running polls on Twitter and will continue to do so in order to give you all a little bit more of a say on what you’d like to read on here. The series include DIY tutorials, trying out dupes for high end make up products, wedding planning and so on.

I’ve had a few DMs asking if I’ll be doing any parenting posts on this blog this year. I’ll be completely honest, it isn’t what I have in mind for the blog this year but if any come to mind I may just do one here and there, when I do I’ll likely put a poll up to see which parenting posts you all prefer. But this year, I really want to focus on lifestyle and beauty the most.

Oh, YouTube, here we are. I do have plans to go back to YouTube later in the year, more than likely towards the very end of the year. This is mainly because I have my own business as well now so my time is very limited and the only chances I do get to film are very early hours of the morning when there still isn’t good lighting. I might do a few videos whenever I get the chance, whether it be an unboxing video or a haul but I don’t see myself getting back into the YouTube groove of regular video posting until later on in the year.

I hope you all stick around to see what I come up with this year. I’m planning to improve my photography for the blog and hoping to also have a little makeover on the blog, maybe even go self hosted. I just want this blog to be a colourful place and it just isn’t quite that yet.

Tiny Catch Up & Some Sales To Look For

Hello, everyone. Wow, it really does feel like it’s been a long time. I can’t possibly be the only one that struggles to get back into the blogging groove once the holidays are over.

But I am back now with lots of plans and by plans I mean I literally have a desk covered in lists with plans and lists with plans coming off those plans. Yes, it’s super busy over here at the moment and I can’t wait for the weekend already.

Since it’s been a while and I’m finally going to get back into blogging on my usual days with plenty of new series starting (one of which I can say involves lots of wedding planning), I thought I would quickly stop buy and let you know of some sales going on.

Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit are currently running a sale on their website where you can get up to 60% off, plus free shipping on all orders $35 or above. This sale ends on 29th January.

You all know how much I love a good Boots sale and how I’ve been stocking up for Christmas 2018 already (I literally mean that I’ve already wrapped things for Christmas, don’t judge me, Christmas is serious business). If you walk into any Boots store, there will definitely be a few gift shelves. All these are 50% off as long as there’s a sign on them. These selves include the Zoella calendars, as well as lots of huge Soap & Glory gift sets and some of the Nyx palettes that usually cost you the equivalent to your water bill. So I say, treat yourself before everything is gone.

Reflecting On The Past Year

The past year has been quite a roller coaster for me. But there’s been lots of improvements from last year.

As some of you already know, in 2016 I went through the whole year with gallstones and they didn’t diagnose me properly until a few weeks before I was rushed in for surgery. I came out of hospital 2 days before Christmas in 2016 so Christmas for me was a time where I was focused on recovering and not pushing myself too much (thank God I had sorted presents out early). Even though I wanted to start this blog December 2016, it was delayed due to my stay in the hospital.

But here we are now. I’m all recovered and even though my health gave me a little scare earlier this year, everything is fine and the past half of this year has been spotless health-wise.

Shortly after recovering from my surgery in February. I decided to enrol with an online college, studying Beauty Therapy Level 2. It was something I had always had interest in learning more about so I felt like it was a good time to start a course, considering I had to stay home. It meant I had time for my family life too. The deadline to finish the course was February 2018 but since I was so determined to finish early because once I put my mind to it, I just go for it, so I finished the course summer 2017, receiving my qualification and certificate shortly after. Will I be going back to college? Who knows? But if I go back to college, it will definitely be to try qualify as a teacher/teaching assistant.

We haven’t gone on holiday like we had planned but we have been visiting different places as a family. Maybe a holiday next year? Our home is going through some decoration at the moment, so pretty excited to see what it will look like once it’s done.

I have definitely enjoyed my first year as a mum. Sure, I’ve been puked on about a hundred times but it’s all worth it. I don’t speak about it a lot on my blog as we all have things we would like to keep private in our lives. But I wouldn’t want my life any other way.

I haven’t achieved as much on my blog as I’d like to… yet. That mainly being because I can only fit so much into one day and I’ve been busy with my own business on top of being a mum and ”housewife” as well. But I will be taking a week off blogging in the new year. I will be having a week where no posts will be going live. I’ll be using that week to schedule posts for the first few months of the new year. This way I can guarantee the posts go out twice a week like before, even if I have a busy week that week. There is going to be lots of different content in the new year and I can’t wait to share it all with you and hear your opinions.

I’m not friends with a lot of people I was friends with this time last year. Some of them were my fault and others was either life just doing it’s thing or it was a mutual decision to stop being friends. But the best part is that shortly after I was left pretty much with just 3 friends, one that has a busy life which is totally understandable and the other 2 which don’t even live here, my path crossed with some amazing people. Blogging led me to meet a group of amazing girls who are also bloggers. I feel so happy that I have such amazing friends like them and that we are all so supportive towards each other and what we wanna do with our lives. I’m hoping we can have lots of meet -ups in the new year.

I decided my business needed some re-branding. The name changed, the logo changed and now here we are. I have been working on some awesome products to launch in 2018 and I’m hoping the business will grow in the new year. There is still a lot of work to be done but I think it’s going to be great.

Well, as most of you already know, my partner and I have been engaged for quite a few years now. We had been planning to get married in 2017 but due to my health last year, we decided it was best to postpone any planning. But the time has finally come. I can confirm that we are getting married in 2018 and already have a date booked. Which brings me to the part where I said earlier that there will be some new and different content coming to the blog in the new year.

So that’s my reflection on the past year. I hope you all enjoyed this post.
Lastly, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with lots of food, prezzies and best of all, love, care and health. Wishing you all a happy new year and all the best for 2018.