I Won Six Sets of Custom Made Nails From Melissa’s Beauty and Nails

This post is well and truly overdue but it’s here…finally! Okay, so I won six sets of custom made nails from Melissa’s Beauty and Nails back in May and it’s taken me this long to post about it, I know, I’m terrible. I previously wrote a post about this business so click here to check it out.

One thing I love about Melissa’s Beauty and Nails’ custom nails is that they come really well packaged. They are all stuck down with pink or blue tack, meaning the nails stay secured in the boxes during transit but also don’t get damaged by what’s sticking them down. They also come in a lovely box, one set (both hands) per box. I also love that the nails come with nail glue as not everyone that sells custom nails actually sends nail glue with the set.

The communication via Facebook message with this business was great and the lady behind the business is really kind and friendly. She goes out of her way to create something you want and  I felt fully comfortable asking her questions regarding the nails .

So, let’s have a look at the nails.

These nails! They are super vibrant and really stand out, regardless of what you’re wearing. I actually attended a job interview wearing these nails along with a floral blue blouse, a black blazer, and black skinny jeans. Let me tell you, they stood out! Plus I got the job so , maybe they’re my ”lucky” nails too now.

This set is a lot more subtle but really elegant. I would personally wear these maybe to a meal out or a formal event such as a wedding. I would personally wear something black or white (I know, I’m seriously basing what I wear depending on the nails) as I feel everything would just compliment each other.

When I posted all these photos on my personal Facebook page, these were by far everyone’s favourite. I loved them too. The shape really compliments the nails. I love the fact that every nail is different. Totally getting Disney feels from these and I have no idea why. Maybe Ursula?

I’m really  into glitters and greys right now. Which is odd as I usually associate grey with winter but nope, this year I like it in the summer. I love that the nails without glitter on are actually matte. I usually hate matte nails but I loved these.

Again, these are the kind of nails I would wear to a formal event, dinner, or a wedding. I think these would look great with any outfit. I love that they actually look real, to those that don’t know me because those that do will know that my nails would never grow this much without breaking.

These are the perfect summer nails, really. I love the chunky glitter on one of the nails, it really makes them pop even more. These look great with a tan going on too. These are what I like to call ”holiday nails”. Going to Cyprus? Put orange nails on. Going to Italy? Orange nails. You get my point. I think these would look great in bright yellow too.

That’s all the nails out of the way. A huge thank you to Melissa’s Beauty and Nails for making these beauties. I highly recommend you check out the Facebook page here. You won’t regret it.




4 thoughts on “I Won Six Sets of Custom Made Nails From Melissa’s Beauty and Nails

  1. These are gorgeous! Oh man how could I pick a favorite! I actually thought the gray ones were a bit dark green in the photo in the box too, just goes to show how different they can look in all sorts of lighting. I love that! Great post 💜


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