Behind The Blog | Meet Jack Deyes

I started blogging nearly a year ago. It didn’t take long for me to realise that Jack Deyes was one of the supportive bloggers in the blogging community. From sharing other people’s content across his social media to helping them grow and supporting bloggers as individuals whilst keeping up with the work.

Jack is a lifestyle blogger based in the UK. He has been blogging for 3 years which is pretty incredible, especially as blogging is something super difficult to keep up with. He is also an animal lover and has a bunny called Kiara that has her own little Instagram account.

Now, lets get down to the interview



What made you want to start a blog of your own? Is there a particular reason that led you to start?


“I have 3 reasons to what made me want to start up my own blog. 1, I was reading other bloggers and after reading all kinds of different blogs, I really wanted to start my own one. 2, I was looking for a hobby at the time but I had no clue what, so when I started my blog after about a week or so, I thought this can be my blog. After all, it’s so fun. And 3, I wanted to have my own little place on the web and well, my blog seemed like the perfect place”.

You seem very close with your mum. Is she one of your inspirations?

“My mum means everything to me. The help and support she gives me is amazing. I’m so lucky to have such a loving and caring mum. And yes, my mum is my inspiration. She is amazing and I would be lost without her”.

What do you have in mind for the future of your blog? Can you see a change in the horizon?

“I love this one. I’m always planning blog posts and thinking of new ways to make my blog and blog posts fun and different. So yes, I can see loads of things on my blog changing and I have some things in mind that I will be changing like my blog URL and layout”.

What are your blogging goals for this year?

“To help and support as many bloggers as possible”.

The past few months, there’s been a lot of mixed feelings about the blogging community. Some say the community is extremely supportive and kind, and others say it’s full of drama and people seeing each other as competition. What are your thoughts on the matter?

“I will always see the blogging community as a happy and supportive place. I don’t get involved in anything that’s happening. I don’t get involved in anything that’s happening in the blogging community apart from anything that is happy and helping one another”.

Do you have a favourite blogger? What’s a post you think people should totally check out by them?

“I have 3 favourite bloggers.
1. Katie | It’s The Little Things
2. Jasmin | Home Sweet Home | Sunday Chat
3. Maria | Filling My Free Time With Podcasts”.

There have been so many amazing new bloggers joining the community. What is one piece of advice you would give to a new blogger just starting off? 

“You may be thinking something across the lines of ‘Ha, what’s the point in me setting up a blog, it’s just not going to work out’ but believe me, it’s going to work and I know how you feel because when I thought about setting up a blog I thought it was just going to be a waste of time but after thinking about it, I just thought ‘let’s get this blog set up and see what happens’.”

So that’s the first interview on the blog. Do you like this new little series going on over here? Are there any bloggers you would like me to interview? Let me know in the comments or get in touch over on Twitter.

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10 thoughts on “Behind The Blog | Meet Jack Deyes

  1. Thank you so much for interviewing me and I’ve loved reading this blog post can’t wait to see who your going to interview next. I recommend you interview Jasmine, one of the bloggers that I mentioned to you in the interview

    Jack Deyes


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