I’ve Never Seen Custom Nails Like These Before|Melissa’s Beauty and Nails | Tip of Your Finger

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here (feel like I say this all the time nowadays), but I’m back and I’m here to stay. I lost my blogging inspiration not long after Christmas but with this awesome weather, it has finally come back. So without further ado, let’s get into my first post back.

As some of you may be aware, I had a little injury to one of my natural finger nails, caused by a nail extension I had done. My nails always seem to become more damaged for a reason still unknown whenever I have extensions soaked off so I tend to let them grow out and file them off along the way as they grow out. Only this time, I clearly didn’t file one of them enough, it got caught and half my real nail ripped off along with the nail extension. Since this incident, I promised myself I wasn’t going to be getting nail extensions done again regardless.

So I started looking for other alternatives and couldn’t find any I liked, I went into various shops to look at their fake nails and none of them were ”my thing”, they looked too fake and you could tell they were shop-bought (nothing wrong with that, just not my cup of tea). I was close to just scrapping the idea and sticking to gel polish when I came across this small business on Facebook. The name is Melissa’s Beauty and Nails, the business is based in Edinburgh and the lady behind it is actually a nail technician, so she does clients’ nails and then makes these stunning custom made nails made to order as well. These are the Tip Of Your Finger custom made nails.

The nails come packaged in a super secure way. They are secured down in the box with blue/pink tack and then topped off with a layer of sponge/foam to stop them from moving around and breaking in transit. The tack doesn’t damage the nails whatsoever when you remove it from the back, don’t worry. All the nails arrived in excellent condition and there were no broken nails (extra happy Jess, we all know broken products make me veeeery sad).

I think my favourite out of the two sets is definitely the white/bridal set. I think the shape makes them look even more elegant which I love. I also love the fact that the nails look like I just went to the salon and paid £40 to get them done, only I didn’t. I paid £10 for both sets together instead. No, they don’t last as long as if you went to have them done at the salon but I see that as a good thing. I hate when nails get to that point where you either need to spend more money on an infill for the same colour or have them removed to have them put back on. I get bored of having the same colour nails for a long time so I like that I can change the colour by simply removing the nails and putting new ones on at home.

I found the application really effortless. You receive a little bottle of glue already in your package but if you have a preferred nail glue for fake nails, I’m pretty sure it would work just as well.

The nails are comfortable to wear and I don’t find myself constantly scared I’m gonna get one caught and injure myself again (this is never gonna leave my brain… ever).

I honestly highly recommend these custom made nails by Melissa’s Beauty & Nails. The nails are amazing and the service is really friendly and I felt comfortable messaging the business via Facebook.

Are you interested in purchasing these? Find the business details below:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/melissasbeautyandnails/


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