We Got A New Pet | Hades

Wooow. It really has been a while. Writers’ block has been sticking around for quite some time now. BUT… I am currently working on lots of blog posts to schedule now my motivation to blog is back (while it lasts) so don’t worry.

I wanted to quickly make an appearence on the blog to announce we have got a new pet. His name is Hades. He’s a hamster and is currently roughly 9 weeks old.

We have been wanting a dog for a while but it’s just not the right time to get a dog yet. I love caring and looking after animals, I’ve had animals all my life and the house just felt a little empty without a little pet (even though we do have fish).

So, last week, we had a day with no plans so we decided to pop to Pets At Home. We initially looked into getting a rabbit but he/she would have to stay outside and I felt too bad keeping a rabbit outside in the cold. We then spotted the hamsters and decided to get one.

Now, before anyone jumps up saying “you can’t just decide to get an animal like that”. Relax, a lot of thought went into getting this pet. We also bought everything and got his little cage ready before actually going back to buy him because we wanted him to feel comfortable while he settled and we also wanted to be prepared so the little cutie had everything he needed from the moment he stepped into his new home.

We initially wanted to get a Syrian Hamster but the girl at Pets At Home that helped us with purchasing the hamster mentioned they can get a bit aggressive so we ended up getting a Russian Dwarf Hamster instead.

Hades took a couple of days to get settled. We left him alone in his cage for 24 hours and then attempted to pick him up but he would squeak and attack. So we gave him an extra day to settle before handling him. We sat with him in an empty bath tub and just let him go where he wanted until he felt comfortable climbing us and being picked up. Hades has been with us for a week now and he’s settled really well. He hasn’t tried to bite us since and we handle him every day and he runs about in his hamster ball a little bit every day.


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