I Didn’t Face The Scales This Week | Saturday Slimming | Weight Loss Journey | Week 2

I couldn’t go to weigh in this week because something came up in my schedule so I have absolutely no idea how my weight is doing right now. I have no idea if I’ve put on weight or lost. I’m hoping for a loss. Yes, I could weigh myself at home but my scales always seem to give me a different answer to the scales at weigh in so I’m not even going to dare.

One of my issues this week has been finding the time to prep food. I’ve found food prepping has helped me to stick to my diet plan. I find it too easy to drift from it if I don’t prepare the food in advance.

It’s been a very busy week so I’ve been having food out and so on. I have a calmer week next week and not as much work so I’m hoping I’ll have time to prep my meals better and hopefully finally have the time to cook up some snacks for the whole week. I have to cook different food for me anyway so I’ll just have a morning of cooking and freezing meals.

I haven’t written in my food diary this week because I found it a little overwhelming. I know it may sound stupid to some but I found it really stressful listing out everything I’ve eaten every single day, and as someone who is used to stress-eating, I find that it hasn’t helped me. I do however, take photos of anything I cook so I still do have a rough idea if I’m sticking to plan as I should or not.

Like I said, it’s been a really busy week so I’ve done lots of walking but I haven’t  been able to fit enough workouts in as I wanted to. I have come up with an exercise plan for next week so it will mean waking up earlier than usual to ensure I can fit in workouts regardless of how busy or not my schedule is.

I do have weigh in next week so fingers crossed it’s a loss. Kind of tired of gaining weight instead of losing. Wish me luck!


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