This Week Didn’t Go To Plan| Saturday Slimming | Weight Loss Journey |Week One

This week has been a really tough one. I was hoping I would lose at least 3-4lb as everyone was saying people usually lose the most on their first week and it just didn’t happen for me. In fact, instead of losing anything, I gained 3lb.

I had a flare up with my stomach ulcer in the middle of the week which was caused by tinned tomatoes. There was no pain involved, just crazy heartburn and sickness so I had to lay low on a lot of speed foods (vegetables and fruits) for the remaining days of this week. In a couple of days I should be okay to go back to speed foods though so I’ve already been shopping and filled half my trolley with fruit and veg.

I wasn’t as active this week either. I only went on a 3 hour walk on one day of the week and that was it. I’m hoping to walk more days of the week when I can and also take up Zumba and workouts throughout the week once my bloat has gone down from my flare up.

I have bought a book from the Cook’s Collection called Light & Healthy. I’m hoping to follow some of the recipes throughout the week. They aren’t syn counted but I’ll be looking everything up so anything like olive oil I can substitute for something else and so on.

My biggest problem is snacking. I’m always hungry and fruit just doesn’t fill me up. So this week I will be on the hunt for some healthy syn free snack foods I can make up for the whole week so I don’t go grabbing a pack of crisps or biscuits.

So yeah, I’m hoping this week coming up I will actually lose some weight. It’s really frustrating because I’ve been trying really hard. I have really busy days throughout the week where I still find  the time to cook, I just often miss out on breakfast which I’ve gotta stop too.

Plus my scales at home always give me a different answer to the scales at weigh in so I’m not sure I’ll be trusting them.


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