The Start Of My Weight Loss Journey & Why I Made This Decision|Saturday Slimming

It’s with a huge smile full of excitement that I’d like to welcome you all to my new weight loss series on the blog, Saturday Slimming.

Almost a month ago, I was rushed to A&E and after many tests were done, was told I had a stomach ulcer. I was given lots of medication to battle it, some of the medication I will still have to be on for another month. This meant I wasn’t allowed to go crazy with my diet for the past few weeks. It meant no gluten and no dairy. I was just allowed boiled chicken and anything else gluten, lactose free and free from any other animal fats. It was a struggle but I somehow managed to stick to it for the weeks I was told I needed to follow that strict diet.

It’s been a month now and for the past week I have been introducing things back into my diet, I started with gluten and then dairy. My body is still getting a little used to dairy so I don’t have much milk with my Weetabix in the mornings either.

A month ago, when the stomach ulcer suddenly appeared, my doctor informed me that my high BMI had a huge impact in the health problems I had been having, resulting in me having my gallbladder removed by key-hole surgery just a little over a year ago and now this stomach ulcer. He said unless my BMI comes down, the stomach ulcer can come back amongst other health problems. It was scary hearing things put that way but I have been obese for a large part of my life and I really needed to hear it in order to wake up.

I immediately asked my doctor about my options in getting help to lose weight and he made the referral. Which brings us to today, this week I joined Slimming World and dragged myself to attend my first session.

I was extremely nervous, anxious and scared to go. I think my biggest fear is judgement. When I got close to the door and saw people going in, I was so close to just turning around and walking away but I’m glad I went in now. Funnily enough, there was no reason for me to be so worried about going. Everyone was super welcoming and the consultant was so enthusiastic and helpful. In fact, it felt really good to get out of the house to do something that will be good for my health.

The reason I wanted to make this a series here on the blog is partially because I want to really sit down and look at my journey, whether I have a bad or good week that week. I know it will keep me motivated to stick to it. But that isn’t the only reason. I also want to share my journey for those who are wanting to lose weight and don’t know where to start or are nervous like I was, maybe even for those who are going through the same as me with weight loss.

Losing weight is really hard and you aren’t alone!


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