Precious Plaques Wedding Planner Review

Good morning, everyone. It’s a snowy Monday for a change so I’m sitting here by the candle light doing lots of wedding planning.

This wedding planner from Precious Plaques has been helping me so much in organising and planning everything for the wedding. All to do with budgeting, venues, all the way to guest lists and table plans. It’s been helping me with it all.


I saw an example of a wedding planner made by Precious Plaques on a craft group on Facebook and fell in love instantly. When I got in touch with Precious Plaques to place my order, all I knew was that I wanted a wedding planner with a blue and white theme. I had no idea what design I was looking for or what to expect. The response from the page via Facebook message was super fast and friendly. We had a chat about the design and customisation details. I contacted on 30th

January and by 1st February I found a little message sitting in my inbox from the page with the design. I was amazed by how fast I received the image of the personalised design. By 8th February I was sent photos of my finished wedding planner. I received my order not too long after.

Let me tell you, I’d seen photos of the planner prior to receiving it but it looks even better in person. It looks so pretty. The foil detail in the lettering looks so beautiful. I was amazed by the extremely high quality the planner presented.

This planner with dividers cost me £20 but if you want a planner without the dividers, they are £14.50 each. I’m glad I spent the extra money to get the planner with dividers. They have made everything so much easier. Not only do the dividers help with organisation, they also add extra cuteness to the planner, making it something I’m going to love to keep in our wedding memory box after the big day.

These custom planners are available in various colours and designs (as seen in the following photos by Precious Plaques). The turnaround time for these is up to 21 working days as the talented lady behind this extremely professional business also works a full-time job. These are definitely worth the wait and every single penny.


You can find all the links for this amazing business below:




6 thoughts on “Precious Plaques Wedding Planner Review

  1. How cute! Now I wish I were getting married! Also I just love planners!!! It’s kind of an obsession. Oh I am definitely going to get one for my bestie her son is getting married and she is helping plan it!

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  2. This wedding planner looks great- I love that it’s personalised! I’m actually currently planning a wedding myself, and these can come so in-handy for keeping everything together! The dividers are a fab idea too. I love that you’re supporting a small business in this post!
    Hayley x


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