Avon Care Skincare Range Review | Royal Jelly Face Cream & Lip Treatment

Avon is a lot of people’s go to brand when it comes to skincare. So, I decided to jump on the Avon game.

My lips and face are huge problem areas when it comes to my skin. My lips get dry and I have super sensitive lips so if it’s too warm or too cold, I get horrible sores on my lips, So it’s really important that I keep them moisturised. My forehead, nose and chin are also very dry areas that I struggle to find products that actually help.

For these reasons, I decided to have a look at the Avon Care skincare range. Their royal jelly creams were listed as the most suitable for ”very dry skin” so I went for royal jelly. I bought the face cream and the lip treatment.

I found that both products had an extremely pleasant scent to them, even though the smell is a lot more active in the face cream. I always prefer face crams that have a pleasant scent to them instead of no scent at all

Before I start on the facial cream, I think it’s important for me to add that I’ve been using this daily for 6-7 weeks. I feel like I couldn’t possibly give a fair review on a cream if I didn’t give it enough time to show possible results.

I feel like the face cream has tackled the dry skin on my nose really well. My skin feels a lot smoother and doesn’t look so flaky when I apply foundation. However, I do think that if I go a day without applying it or if I don’t apply it before foundation, my skin goes back to stage one. I don’t think the results from this cream would last long at all if you stopped application.

I’ve found I’ve seen the best results from the lip treatment. There have been days where usually my lips would have sores if I went out in that temperature with just a normal lip balm on, but coincidence or not, I applied this on those days and haven’t had sores. In fact, I haven’t had sores since I started using this lip treatment.

If I was to rate both products, I would rate the face cream a 3/5 and the lip treatment a solid 5/5. The lip treatment really surprised me whereas the face cream surprised me at first but then was quite disappointing to see how my skin changed the one time I forgot to apply the cream before foundation.

If you’ve tried these products, let me know your thoughts below. I love to see what other people’s experiences have been with products I’ve reviewed, compared to my experience with said products.

I hope you all liked this little review post. I feel like it’s been a while since I have reviewed anything so I’m super excited to review more products. I’m really happy to be back to blogging on a more full time basis. This year, I really want to focus on making my blog better than it was last year.


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