The Beginning | Wedding Bells Wednesdays

Welcome to the first post of the new wedding series ”Wedding Bells Wednesdays” here on the blog. There will be a post twice a month leading up to the big day. I’ve never really shared a lot of my personal life on the blog or over on my YouTube channel (which is still in ”sleep” mode), but I’m super excited about sharing the lead up to the big day with you all here.

Who knew 5 years ago when we met each other, we’d be getting married. Isn’t life just a crazy thing?

So, this is the year we get married, 2018. I’m so excited and at the same time it hasn’t quite hit me yet. I’m still on ”is this actually happening” mode. We’ve been together for almost 5 years and engaged for the vast majority of them but finally planning the wedding makes it feel so real.

We did have plans to marry in 2016 but I fell extremely ill at the start of the year and didn’t have my operation until very late in the year so planning the wedding just didn’t feel right when it was so uncertain when I would be better. So this year, as soon as the year started, we decided to just ring up and book a date. Just like that. We rang the local registrars office and booked a date. We decided on a date that would allow us several months to plan everything carefully so that nothing is forgotten.

I have been planning bits and bobs for a while now, even before we spontaneously booked the wedding date. The wedding colour theme was decided months ago along with the venues we’d be asking for quotes and etc. To really start us off with the planning, I thought I’d order a wedding planner notebook from Precious Plaques. I fell in love with a personalised wedding planner I saw on their page and just needed one straight away. Their wedding planners are amazing. You can find my review of the wedding planner HERE.

The wedding planner has really helped bring our planning together. The final guest list is finally done after many changes. In the end, we decided to keep our wedding guest list as just close friends and family.

We have budgeted everything out pretty well. We initially did a list of prices of everything we needed if we bought everything new and without a discount. We then decided we are going to have a bit of a DIY wedding, to be different but also for money purposes. We’re both strong believers that you don’t have to put yourself in debt to have an amazing wedding, what’s important is to have the wedding you want and marry the one you love. Soppy, but true on so many levels.

We’ve decided to keep the original price list for everything and we have made a new list which is yet to be finished so we can compare the two. We’ve already saved hundreds so far by having the same things just done by me.

I’m going to be making our Save The Dates and wedding invites. In fact, I have already designed our Save The Dates, they’re now ready to print to then be sent off. I’ve also drawn up the design for the wedding invites, I will be putting them together in the next few weeks. You’ll be able to see them on here for sure.

This post is more of an introduction. I’m planning to focus more on particular aspects of planning later on. It’s all lovely but it can be so stressful too so I’m sure there’ll be a post about that too somewhere along the line. I hope you enjoy this little adventure I’m about to share with you!


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