What To Expect From The Blog In 2018

My blog content is changing ever so slightly this year. Up until now, my blog was a beauty blog with a little bit of lifestyle in the mix. But now I’m wanting to do a little more lifestyle too, so there’s a little more balance.

I’ve gotten a few DMs regarding this since I first mentioned the changes coming to the blog. Don’t worry, I will still be doing the monthly Glossybox Unboxing posts. I love doing them and even though I had some issues with Glossybox as you’ll have seen on the blog past few months, I’m more than happy to keep giving them a go since you all seem to like these posts so much. If I do decide to take a little break from Glossybox, don’t worry as I’ll get another beauty subscription box to substitute for these posts and posts will go up monthly as normal.

I have so many series planned for the blog throughout the year, however, I’m still trying to figure out what you would all rather me do and which to start first. I have already started running polls on Twitter and will continue to do so in order to give you all a little bit more of a say on what you’d like to read on here. The series include DIY tutorials, trying out dupes for high end make up products, wedding planning and so on.

I’ve had a few DMs asking if I’ll be doing any parenting posts on this blog this year. I’ll be completely honest, it isn’t what I have in mind for the blog this year but if any come to mind I may just do one here and there, when I do I’ll likely put a poll up to see which parenting posts you all prefer. But this year, I really want to focus on lifestyle and beauty the most.

Oh, YouTube, here we are. I do have plans to go back to YouTube later in the year, more than likely towards the very end of the year. This is mainly because I have my own business as well now so my time is very limited and the only chances I do get to film are very early hours of the morning when there still isn’t good lighting. I might do a few videos whenever I get the chance, whether it be an unboxing video or a haul but I don’t see myself getting back into the YouTube groove of regular video posting until later on in the year.

I hope you all stick around to see what I come up with this year. I’m planning to improve my photography for the blog and hoping to also have a little makeover on the blog, maybe even go self hosted. I just want this blog to be a colourful place and it just isn’t quite that yet.


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