Monuskin Firming Fiji Facial Oil Review

I was never really into facial oils until a few months ago. I must have said the same thing over 1237857 times on here for the past few months, but my skin got so bad. My skin used to be soft and I never really had a problem with breakouts or blackheads… until September this year. For some reason, my skin changed completely from one night to another. Before I knew it, my skin had become so dry that foundation would flake off certain areas, it looked horrible. And felt horrible too, for the matter.

Ever since then, I have been looking to try different facial oils as after trying one from The Body Shop, it really improved my skin, but oils are something you need to apply regularly, at least it was this way for me. So, now you’re all caught up, it brings us to this firming Fiji facial oil by Monuskin. I got this facial oil in a Glossybox (this year I believe) but I didn’t try it until my skin got bad.

Firstly, let me give you a little insight to this product based on the information on the packaging. This facial oil claims to tone and firm tired or dehydrated skin and is aimed at people with dry or sensitive skin. It is also paraben free, as well as cruelty free.

The packaging
The packaging didn’t really have that much information on it, but again, it’s just a facial oil. But I would have liked to see some information on the back of the packaging as to what ingredients it contains that help firm the skin. The packaging looks very simple, it’s mainly white with a black and lilac writing colour scheme. I wouldn’t expect a facial oil package to look particularly busy.

The product
The product is what I would expect from any facial oil. It leaves my skin feeling soft and helps when it comes to applying makeup. I found that applying this on my face around 30 minutes before applying foundation really helped the foundation smooth out on the areas of my face where my dry skin was making it look flaky before. I didn’t notice much firming going on, but I guess you would have to use this product for quite a few weeks before seeing results when it comes to firming. I wasn’t a big fan of the scent. I can’t really find a way to accurately describe the smell but it’s an unpleasant smell for me and I wasn’t able to apply the oil on the high points of my cheeks because my eyes would just water.

Overall thoughts
I liked this facial oil. I don’t see any changes in my skin that would make me want to specifically purchase this facial oil again. Based on the results I have had so far, it just seems like a usual facial oil to me. The downside of this product for me, was the strong smell. Maybe it’s just because I don’t like this kind of scent, but it literally made my eyes water and I’m not a fan of that, especially if I will be applying makeup shortly after the oil dries on my face.

I rate this facial oil a 7/10.




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