Glossybox Unboxing | December 2017

Hello, my lovelies. Didn’t feel so festive this time last year but this year, I am totally feeling it! Stressing over which presents I still need to buy/order but I’m feeling it.

Anyway, let’s get to this month’s Glossybox. If you were here this time last month you will probably remember how disappointed I was in last month’s box. I wasn’t disappointment with the products as such, it was more the product combination. But since December was just around the corner at the time, I decided to stay subscribed and see what the next box would be filled with.

Let’s check out the products in this month’s box

The first thing I noticed was CHOCOLATE! THERE WAS CHOCOLATE IN THE BOX! Everyone knows the way subscription boxes can get to my heart is by surprising me with chocolate. They did this a few months ago with a Kinder Bueno too. This time it was a pack of Raffaello chocolates  (which are assisting me in writing this post right now). This box is already going better than last month’s!

RRP: 7.00

I have never actually used lash primer so I’m really excited to try this. You’re meant to apply this on your lashes before applying mascara and it’s supposed to condition and thicken the lashes. I think £7.00 for a lash primer is really good, especially if it has really good and visible results. I usually just put mascara on or if I feel like pampering myself, I book in with my beautician to have lash extensions put in, these last a good 3 weeks on me so I’ve never looked to buy lash primers. The applicator is a normal mascara applicator and the product inside is white. I will likely have a review post coming up for this lash primer sometime this month.

RRP: £12.70

First of all, I’m in love with the packaging. This rose gold packaging will stand out in my makeup drawers for sure. This is a matte lipstick that is meant to feel light on the lips. I find that with matte lipsticks, most either leave the lips extremely dry and chapped or are super hard to apply to the lips so it will be fun to see what this one is like. But I have high hopes for it. The colour is beautiful too, the shade I got was Daydream.

RRP: £6.50

I find the packaging for this one super fun and kind of cute too. I love getting bath and shower products so this product is another one I’m really excited to try. This product is made from natural ingredients, contains no parabens, mineral oils or sulphates. Once again, I’ll be reviewing this one later this month.

RRP: £18.00

I think rose gold was a theme for this month’s Glossybox but I’m loving it, another rose gold packaging. But don’t even get me started on this product. I was really excited because I lost my favourite precision liner 2 days ago so when I saw eyeliner on the little card that comes with each Glossybox, I was sold. Little did I know when I opened it that the tip would be white. Literally no liner in there whatsoever. At first, I thought it was maybe just a new thing, like you had to do something for it to turn black. Nope, I looked for reviews online, everyone else’s came black right out of the box. So this one looks like it’s gonna be one to head straight for the bin and a complaint to Glossybox. After being subscribed to Glossybox for years in the past and again for 6 months this past year, I wasn’t expecting a product that literally doesn’t work, AT ALL! Rant over.

RRP: £15.99

Cleansers always come in handy, and I never know which to buy for my skin type so this one will be useful to try out. I haven’t opened the tube up yet to confirm but apparently it’s meant to be gold and if it is I’m going to love it. Even though I haven’t opened it up, I can smell it through the packaging and it smells amazing. This is a gold gel that transforms into a cleansing milk consistency when it comes in contact with water. I will likely have a review about this one up on the blog this month too.

Overall thoughts
I actually really liked this month’s box. It was definitely an improvement from last month’s box. There are a lot of products in here I’m looking forward to trying and reviewing on the blog. What ruined it for me was definitely opening up the Steve Laurant eyeliner that came in beautiful packaging if I may add, and it was literally empty. The tip instead of being black and ready to use like I would expect with any eyeliner I get, the tip was white and dry, so that was rather disappointing and I will be taking it to Glossybox this time. I have always promoted Glossybox all over my social media and to my followers but I also have to be honest when something I love getting every month disappoints me.


One thought on “Glossybox Unboxing | December 2017

  1. I love seeing what other people got in their boxes. I got an eye primer and a lip balm instead of your lash primer and body wash! – the chocolate was also the best surprise…I totally agree!

    Also, I love your photos😍😍


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