Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder Review

I’ve been meaning to do this review for a little while now and for some reason kept forgetting, then last week, I received November’s Glossybox in the post and guess what was in it? So basically, it reminded me. Let’s jump straight to the review. Also, I’m trying something new with the review posts as I mentioned on my social media before and you guys voted for me to do it. At the end of each review, I will give my overall opinion and also a rating out of 10 based on my experience with the product.

I’m all up for trying out new eyebrow products. I have mentioned it quite a few times on the blog now. I’m terrible at doing my eyebrows so any products out there that could possibly make my life easier, I want to try them. This one was a product I got in Glossybox a few months ago and again earlier this month. I was super excited to try it when I got it the first time and it did make doing my eyebrows less time consuming.

However, maybe it’s just me but I found it super difficult to do individual fake brow hairs with this product. It’s obvious you have product on your brows. When you first apply it, it looks quite okay, even though it’s super easy to get carried away and do square block brows (which I’m not a fan of but if that’s your thing then cool).

I wouldn’t say it’s exactly long lasting due to the fact some of the powder falls off the brow and sits right underneath the brow, which doesn’t exactly look flattering. When I do my brows, I usually go out for the day or for a good few hours in a row, so I don’t have the time to keep checking in the mirror if there has been any fallout. But nearly every time, I get home, look in the mirror and there has been some fallout and that’s a huge no for me. I think this could perhaps be due to the applicator. The applicator is a ‘’liner-styled’’ applicator which considering the product is in powder form, maybe it’s what causes so much fallout.

Another thing I didn’t like was the fact after receiving this product and wanting to give it a try, I searched online for a darker shade and there just wasn’t a darker shade than this. This is the closest they have to my brow shade and it’s still nowhere near. This one is in shade ‘Brunette’ and my usual brow product shade is ‘Ebony’.

I did use this ever since I first got it though. I’m the sort of person that even if a product doesn’t work for me, I will keep using it until it’s finished because I just don’t want it going to waste

Overall thoughts
I liked the applicator, it’s different to other brow product applicators I have used in the past. I like that the applicator allows you to just pop it out and put the product on, which is perfect if you’re always on the move and don’t like the idea of having brow pomade and a dirty brow brush at the bottom of your bag. I do think that the formula is quite drying so that may contribute to all the product fallout I have experienced but I don’t think the applicator helps with it since it’s a powdered formula. There aren’t many shades to choose from either, so I was quite disappointed with that as well. Would I recommend this? Yeah, sure, but maybe also purchase a product that will set the brows with product already on them. Maybe this way there wouldn’t be so much fallout. The fallout was just the worst point for me with this product.

Based on my experience with this product, rate this 5/10. It does work but the fallout is just a huge no for me along with the issue with the shades.




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