Boots Charcoal & Willow Bark Sheet Mask Review | Blogmas

I have stated quite a few times on the blog over the past few months how much I have really been wanting to try the new sheet face masks. It’s taken me this long because it sounds super messy and that really puts me off any face mask. I actually mentioned this exact sheet mask last month in one of my wishlists in which I said I was determined to order one or two of these to try out. But then Glossybox arrived and this beauty was inside.

This sheet mask claims to purify, revitalise and cleanse the skin in just 15 minutes.

The packaging
I found the packaging pretty straight forward. It was easily to tear open which is a good thing because I hate having to search the house for scissors just because I can’t get into a face mask (this happens rather often). The actual package is simple but it would still catch my eye if I walked past it in store and I would likely get it based on the packaging.
The instructions on the back of the packaging were pretty straight forward and easy to follow and the advise before usage on the back of the packaging was also really helpful.

I didn’t find it as messy to apply as I did in my head but it’s still kinda fiddly. It took me some time to actually pull it apart and ”straighten” it out ready for application. Once that part was over, it was pretty straight forward. It was quickly evident how bad I am with sheet masks. I put it on my face on the wrong side at first. Once I mastered the application, I left it on my face for 15 minutes as advised.

How it felt
It had such a cold feeling for the whole of the 15 minutes it was on my face which I guess is a good thing. I was kind of scared it would move whenever I moved my face as I literally slapped it on and then went straight into cleaning the house but it actually stayed in place the whole time.

How my skin felt after
After removing the sheet mask from my face, massaging in any remaining product left on my face, and after my face dried, my skin felt cold for ages. My skin looked super healthy and felt silky smooth. You wouldn’t have guessed my skin had been flaking all month so far. I reckon I would see better results if I did this once a week as suggested on the packaging.

Overall thoughts
I really like this face mask. It’s definitely different to other masks I have previously tried but I like that this particular sheet mask was nowhere near as messy as I expected it to be. It left my skin feeling really soft but it relaxed me more than anything. Like I stated earlier. I feel that I would be able to notice more improvements on my skin if I were to use this face mask once a week as suggested. I definitely recommend this if you just want to put a face mask on and do some work or housework, etc. It only costs £2.50 so it isn’t exactly expensive but I would be more tempted to buy this again if they also came in a set of maybe 3 or 4. Do they do them in sets already? I don’t personally have time to keep going to the shops to purchase every time I run out so buying a few sets would be awesome.

I rate this face sheet mask 8/10


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