Blogmas Announcement – What To Expect From The Blog This Month

I will be doing Blogmas this year, starting from today. However, I won’t be doing a month of just Christmassy posts. Okay, let me explain.

I did Blogtober this year and I struggled to come up with content a lot of the time. I tried my best to keep my posts as autumnal as possible but I quickly lost inspiration as the month went on.

So, for the month of December, I have decided to do Blogmas, since I didn’t get a chance to last year. Some of the posts will be Christmassy but not all. I want to do Blogmas in a way I know I will be able to stick to it every day of the month. I want to also post some reviews I have been meaning to post for a while during Blogmas.

I hope you all understand why I don’t want to do only Christmassy posts for the month of December. I hope you enjoy the posts coming up.


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