Avon Wishlist Autumn Edition

I used to sell Avon but they have added so many new products to their brochures and I’m so eager to try them. From super pigmented eye shadow palettes to weird brow fillers, they have it all. Avon have been my go-to brand since a young age, and since they’ve turned into a cruelty free brand, I’m pretty eager to order a bunch of stuff.

RRP: £12.00

I know what you’re thinking, the shades in this palette aren’t exactly autumnal but let me explain. If these shades are pigmented, this palette could be perfect for certain Halloween makeup looks such as pop art and sugar skulls. Plus, I’ll most likely use this for other makeup looks anyway so it’s kind of impossible for me not to get it soon.

RRP: £6.00

I have been taking more care of my nails and I’ve also been spending time creating new designs for my Instagram (coming very soon). This gold shade will be perfect for so many autumn and winter related nail looks. I’m thinking of placing an Avon order soon and I’m definitely tempted to add this to it.

RRP: £7.00 

I’ve never tried these concealer sticks and I’ve also never seen any reviews for them. They apparently contain vitamins A, C and E, which are really good for the skin. It claims to conceal in 1 single stroke (could this actually be real? Please be real). I’m super curious to see how this concealer stick actually performs and I’m also super curious to see if it will crease really badly on my skin and make it look try as everything I’ve tried on my skin seems to do so. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried this and how it performed for you.

RRP: £9.00

As someone who truly sucks at doing her own brows, I’m always up for trying different eyebrow products. This applicator looks rather interesting to me. It looks like it could actually make the eyebrows look fuller in a natural way. I have quite full brows as it is but I have some patches on my brows where hairs just don’t seem to want to grow, I’m currently doing the little Vaseline trick every night with a spoolie like some of you suggested a couple of months ago over on my Twitter so we shall see how this goes. But I actually think this would be what could possibly save my brows from looking hideous even when filled in. Should we test this out?

RRP: £13.00

I know this perfume may seem a little pricey for you for those that aren’t so familiar with Avon products. But I absolutely love this scent. It is super long lasting and I haven’t used it since I was 10 and used ”steal” it from my mum and hope she would forget of its existence so I could put it on (she used to have all her perfumes in her bedroom so having to go in there and put it on was just too much effort). I believe this perfume was first launched back in 1994 (don’t quote me on that because I’m working from memory here, okay?), which is insane. To me, it’s one of those scents that you can’t really describe, or more like I’m the one that can’t ever describe it. In the brochure, they say it’s an exotic essence of rare florals, spiced with amber and musk. As long as it smells good I don’t care what the scent actually is. But floral scents are definitely the ones I love the most in perfumes.

RRP: £6.00

I already own the Moroccan Argan Oil Nourishing Hair Serum & the Instant Repair Rapid Rescue hair serum from their Miracle Serums collection. They do wonders for my hair every time so they are definitely my go-to hair serums. It has taken me a rather long time to repair my hair. Even though my hair has come a long way since July, the split ends are still being a huge problem for me. And since my hair is currently just about down my neck, all you can see is split ends flying in every direction. This hair serum contains pro-vitamin B5 which adds shine to the hair, leaving it looking a lot healthier and getting rid of split ends without the dreaded cutting part. My hair needs all the help it can get, to be honest, so this is definitely something I need to invest in.

I hope you enjoyed this little wishlist. This wishlist is definitely leaning more towards being a wishlist of things rather than being a wishlist of autumnal products. Have you ever bought anything from Avon? What is your favourite product from Avon? I love reading your comments.



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