Autumn Homeware Wishlist

Welcome to Blogtober over here on the Queen Sapphire blog. This is my first year taking part in Blogtober and I’m super excited. So what better way to do it than to collab with Liz from It’s Fine!
This is my second post for Blogtober so be sure to check out yesterday’s post.

We’ve been living in this house for just over a year now. When we first moved in most of the furniture didn’t match so the rooms didn’t look good whatsoever. Plus, we moved rooms a thousand times before we finally decided which room we wanted where so the theme for each room kind of got lost along the way.

£12.00-£32.00 (depending on measurements)

So, the new theme for the living room is black and purple. We already have a black leather sofa and we will be having another leather sofa added to the same room in the upcoming months. I feel like the cushions and curtains and little things like that should be plum purple as the sofas will already make the room look a little too dark (yes, I know plum is a dark colour too but you get what I mean). Finding nice plum purple decor can be so hard because everything always has ugly patterns on it (why?) so it’s a work in progress. I feel like the most important to get at the minute is plum curtains. I really want curtains that black out the outside light at night. I’m not entirely sure if these do that but at least they’ll be purple and that makes me happy.


Now that we have a new TV unit this means there is finally enough space for one of these. I would mainly use this to store bits that are just needed downstairs but look tidier if they aren’t on show, so papers and that would be behind the doors. But I’m planning to add a few decorative bits to the open cubes just so those don’t look so empty.

Askeby Two-seater sofa bed

It will be a while still before I actually purchase this but I’m the sort of person that likes to plan ahead when it comes to this sort of thing. I’m looking for this to be an addition to the living room. There is already a black 3-seater leather sofa in the living room but this one will look good in the room, plus a sofa bed always comes in handy for whenever we have family staying over or for when friends from abroad stay over.

Red Glass Geo Vase


There is going to be a colour theme for each room. The living room’s colour theme is black and purple, and the dinning room/office is going to be red. I love bright colours so instead of having different colours in one room, I thought it would look nicer to have each room a different colour. So this vase in red is a must, it will look super cute in the centre of the table with some fake white roses.

Rose-gold Tone & Pineapple Scented Candle

I know this isn’t exactly a must but I’m a little bit of a candle lover. I reckon the white and rose gold container will look really adorable as decor on the cube shelf. Plus, it’s pineapple scented so this Queen is sold!

Decorative Pineapple

Yes, there is something from Poundland on my wishlist. I don’t even care, just look at it! How cute is it? How much do you want it too? Don’t lie, you want this on your shelf. I know Poundland have these in stock all across the UK but apparently my town isn’t included in that. As soon as I find these, they’re mine!

Silver Tone Jewelled Photo Frame 4×6”

In my head, I’m thinking of what decor bits to put on the open cubes of the shelf I mentioned earlier in this post. I don’t have any actual frames standing up anywhere in the living room and this is a super cute one that would go with all the decor, so why not!

Aqua Demo Pedal Bin

The colour theme for the bathroom is aqua blue and white so this matches it perfectly. I don’t like having open bins in the bathroom, I don’t know why, maybe it’s just me but I hate the look of it. Aqua is also a super easy shade to find matching bath matts, rugs, towels and other bathroom decor.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I focused this post mainly on the downstairs portion of the house as I want to do a bedroom homeware wishlist post later on. 




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