The Worst Year For My Health |Story Time | PART ONE | What On Earth Was Wrong With Me?

I was going to do a massive post about what happened to me (health-wise) last year, but it was stupidly long and even I was struggling to focus when proof-reading. Long story short, this is going to be a series about how 2016 hated me. 

Those of you who have followed my journey from the start will know I was extremely ill last year… For the WHOLE year. This lead me to stop doing a lot of things I loved and also caused me to postpone lots of things I had planned, but that wasn’t even important at the time. I felt like I was actually dying.

The symptoms started in January/February. It started off as what felt to me like heartburn and stomach cramps, kinda like the ones you get when you’ve been hit with food poisoning (should I be concerned over how familiar I am with food poisoning symptoms?). I didn’t think much of it at first. In my head, it just had to be something I had eaten. However, I don’t think food poisoning symptoms last for months straight.

I only started to become concerned when it hit March and the symptoms I already had were becoming more intense and new symptoms just kept coming at me out of nowhere. The cramps I earlier described as food poisoning-like cramps had now turned into this pain I got for a few hours in a row every few d. The pain would always be there and then I would have sharp shooting pains that would shoot from the middle of my abdomen all the way round to the middle of my spine.  This was when I first went to the doctor about it. The doctor didn’t really seem concerned, the only test he did was a urine test and the rest was all from the symptoms I described. He said it was a kidney infections, prescribed me some antibiotics and off I went.

But things were literally about to get a lot worse…



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