My 5 Favourite People To Follow On Instagram

Is August seriously already coming to an end? Where has the time gone? The Queen Sapphire Instagram account has been up for a couple of months now and I have grown to love so many awesome accounts, some as a blogger, others as a photographer.


Photo: @dorkfaceblog

I’m in love with Jemma’s Instagram. I have never come across such a colourful and positive account in my life. Not to mention how amazing her photos always look, all about that perfect lighting. Don’t even get me started on her Insta story. Jemma is an artist (click here to go to her shop) and I love the fact that whenever she is working on something new, you’re gonna see it on her Insta story as she’s creating it. I don’t know about anyone else but for me, I love seeing people being creative and even better, I love seeing someone create something that will potentially end up in my house (like the new canvas that is now in the living room created by the Dorkface queen herself). Plus everyone in the blogging community wants the moment she spilled her coffee as their ringtone. So if you’re looking to follow someone that will brighten your day, this is the account you’ve been looking for so quit searching, guys.


@Chrisexploresthings & @Romeoroams

Photo from: @chrisexploresthings Taken by: @_ddc
Adventures (15 of 16)
Photo from: @romeoroams | Taken by @chrisexploresthings

As you all know by now, my urge to travel recently is becoming insane so what better way to tame it than to follow these guys’ accounts and keep up with their adventures. Chris and Luke have just recently made it back to the UK from exploring Bali. They explored the Ghost Palace Hotel, the famous abandoned plane in Uluwatu (Bali), the Teganungun Waterfall, among many other places where some people wouldn’t dare to explore. The photos are absolutely incredible and if you check out their accounts, you’ll see exactly what I mean. They have also teamed up with a few other friends, they’re called Lost Bearings, the best bit is that this time, you will be able to keep up with their adventures over on their YouTube channel. The trailer has been released and the first episode is COMING SOON! If you’re into travelling or just amazing photography then you will love their accounts. You never know when they’ll be off on another adventure. What are you waiting for?





Photo: @travellinwanderer

As you can probably tell by this point, the travel accounts have stolen me away. April’s photography skills are out of this world, and I’m not over exaggerating. Over on her account, you’ll find incredible photos of the Shell Beach (California), Waimalu (Hawaii), Morro Bay (California) and many more beautiful places. All the photos are so detailed and the colours are so vivid, for a second you actually feel like you’re at that location when looking at the photo. April is also a travel blogger so you’ll be able to keep up with her upcoming adventures by following her over on the place I’ve mentioned a million times now (Instagram).



Photo: @beccabutcherx

Rebecca is an influencer and actress from South Yorkshire, UK and she also has her own blog, which is also amazing if I may add. If you’re a blogger yourself, you’ll know how much most of us love a good flat lay photo with amazing lighting, and Becca knows how to create these pictures just right. Her photography is so great, she can make a simple coffee look beautiful. And you can occasionally also find some super cute cat pictures over on her account so what is there not to love?


So, these are my favourite Instagram accounts so far. Are you going to be following them? Which account is your favourite out of these five? Be sure to let me know in the comments, you know I love hearing your opinions. 




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