My Favourite Places To Shop For Plus Size Clothing

As a big girl, it is a struggle to find clothing stores that have my size, at least ones that don’t expect me to empty my bank account just to buy a dress I’m going to wear maybe 5 times. However, I have found a few stores I really like and they do sell a lot of clothes my size (for record, I’m a size 18/20). These stores have come in really handy for me since I’ve been getting rid of clothes I haven’t worn in 5 years and replacing them. Here are just a few:


Image result for yours logo

Yours have some amazing clothing. The quality is amazing and there is so much variety, you’ll be sure to find something you will love. I’m actually a big fan of their dresses recently (is that a Yours haul coming on?). The only downside to Yours is that the prices can be quite high, depending on what you’re looking for. But yet again, unfortunately, most plus size stores are like that when it comes to prices, so if you really like that shirt, you’re gonna pay whatever price for it at the end of the day.



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There is one thing I love about Peacocks and that’s the fact that they have super cute plus size clothing all year round. Some stores sell really cute clothing for the sizes they consider ”normal” and then most of the time, the plus size sizes get the most plane designs I’ve ever seen, but Peacocks keep it the same for all sizes. If there’s a cute dress in size 10, you’re gonna find it in size 20 too (unless they’re out of stock obviously). The prices are super reasonable and they’re always doing clearance sales in stores which is a bonus. What is there not to love?



Image result for boohoo logo

Okay, so, Boohoo has a plus size section which is a little on the plane side but you can still find some super cute clothing on their website. I’m all for the floral prints and the ripped jeans they’ve got going on this summer (can I feel a Boohoo haul coming on too?). The prices are super reasonable, so you can get a lot of good quality clothing for your money, and your bank account probably won’t be left curled up in a corner crying itself to sleep. Plus, they’ve always got a sale going on, and we all know how much I love a good sale.

I’ve shared my favourite shops with you but how it’s your turn. What are your favourite shops when it comes clothing? Let me know in the comments or if you have done a blog posts, leave the link for me to check it out.



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