Personalised Minnie Mouse T-Shirt & Disney Notebook | The Paper Press Ireland | Review

Does anyone ever get excited when they see the word ”Disney” along with ”review” in the title? Just me? Okay but wait until you see how cool this is.

So, I was casually procrastinating on Instagram like any other night, when I came across this store, The Paper Press (I will leave details at the end of this post like always). I noticed lots of Minnie Mouses on my screen and I was soooooold! The store usually produces high quality handmade wedding and event stationery but they also make personalised notebooks, mugs and t-shirts.

I ordered a personalised Disney notebook and Minnie Mouse t-shirt. Since I would be using the notebook for my blogging/YouTube planning I asked to have ”Queen Sapphire” printed on it and it only made sense to have the same on the shirt but you can just have your name printed on it.


The shirt is a white t-shirt with a glitter Minnie Mouse print on one side and the name of choice on the other side. The shirt is super elastic which is amazing because it fits the body really well. It is also super comfortable to wear and is nice and cool for the summer. You can just tell that the shirt is super good quality.  The Minnie Mouse on the shirt is adorable, the glitter gives the shirt a lot of character.

The thing I love the most about the notebook apart from it having Disney on it is the fact that it’s a reflective kind of gold. It looks so professionally made, I must say I am very impressed with it. The notebook is also lined, so it is perfect for all your planning. It even has a page marker so you know exactly what page you’re on at all times. And it has my blog name written on it in Disney font, of course I love it!

The overall service was absolutely incredible. The communication was friendly and the replies were fast. All the prices were listed clearly for me upon request so there was no confusion whatsoever and the P&P was also super cheap and fast. So what is there not to love?


The Paper Press:

The Paper Press Instagram:

Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored by the company/business/brand in any way. This post is filled with my own opinions based on the products and service I received.

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