Birthday Crown by Amaise-Bows | Review

I have followed Amaise-Bows on Instagram for quite a while now and everything is so cute. I love to see all the little bows getting created and sent off, everything is just too adorable.

I don’t have a little girl so I can’t purchase the bows (but I will be purchasing them for gifts soon so I will be also reviewing those on here and on YouTube too). But when I saw on their Instagram that they also do super cute birthday crowns, I think you can imagine my face. My son’s first birthday is coming up very soon, even though all the crowns I saw on their Instagram were all for girls, in my head I thought ”boys can wear crowns too, right?” (I was determined to get him a crown no matter what, basically).

So I messaged to place my order. I wasn’t too sure what I wanted apart from a light blue crown, I had no idea what I wanted the bottom to be replaced with (usually the bottom of the crown would have roses), so Amaise-Bows suggested dark blue and white pompoms. I loved the idea straight away. If there is one thing I love is when I’m placing an order and I’m only half sure on what I want and the person gives a suggestion they know will work with what I want. The customer service is also amazing, every question is answered accurately and patiently. I’ve noticed before that when it comes to ordering from a store on Instagram the person answering the messages can sometimes make you feel like they are trying to rush you away, but that wasn’t the case with Amaise-Bows. I actually felt super comfortable asking as many questions as I wanted to.

The parcel packaging the crown came in was super secure. I’ve ordered bows from a different store (which I will not name) before for a photo shoot and the packaging was too large for the bows and they were in parcel bag so the bows danced around inside and got flattened in the delivery process. The package the crown came in was just the right size and the crown was intact upon arrival.

I didn’t actually inform myself on what the crown was going to be made out of but I was amazed by the material used. The material is super malleable and amazing quality. If it gets sat on or accidentally stood on, it will not be ruined. Another cool thing is that the crown actually comes with a comfy strap so that it doesn’t keep falling off, another bonus.

The crown is such good quality and amazing for the price. I only paid £7.50 for the actual crown and £5 for postage so £12.50 in total. In my opinion, it is definitely worth the money.

I highly recommend these crowns. They are also great because you can have whatever number you want on it, your little ones can wear it for their birthday and then you can keep it in their memory boxes (which is what I will be doing).

I have to give it 5 stars, 10/10. I don’t have anything negative to say about the product whatsoever. 

I hope you all enjoyed this review. Let me know if you order any of the super cute bows, bunting or crowns from the store. Below are the details if you want to find them on social media or order:





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  1. Such a great post! The crown came out so cute and I’m sure it will be such a fond memory in years to come. I totally agree that it’s not a gendered thing either! Thanks for sharing! x

    Rumaanah //

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