The Natural Beauty Tag

First of all, allow me to express my love for this tag. You can’t see how excited I am to be doing it but I think it was such a good idea. Natural beauty is something that often gets forgotten about and it’s so important to remind people that it still exists.

This awesome tag was created my the amazing Anna from .

Lets get on to the questions

What do you love most about your skin?
 I absolutely love the fact that I don’t really get break outs. I don’t even recall ever getting them in my early teens. My skin has also always been described as ”as soft as a baby’s bum”, so I guess I love that about it too.
What is your biggest skin concern?
 I have to say my biggest skin concern is the fact that certain make up can change my skin completely. For example, if I have recently changed foundation and it’s not particularly the right one for my skin, my skin can go super dry and it only goes back to normal many face masks later, which can be a pain.
Do you tend to use skincare/haircare products from one brand or do you switch them up?
When it comes to face masks (so skincare) I tend to use L’Oreal a lot but then when it comes to moisturisers I’m trying different ones all the time (it’s the same with anything to do with my hair).
How does your skincare routine change throughout the seasons?
Mine is changing all the time anyway so I don’t really think seasons affect my skincare routine. Today my skin could be fab and only need moisturising and then tomorrow it could be super dry and need a million face masks. There really isn’t anything in between with my skin.
At what age did you start or will you start using anti-ageing products?
I’ve already sort of started, I’m 20. I only use anti-ageing mainly around my eyes though because I feel that will be my main area for concern in the near future. Never too early to start using those beautifully scented anti-ageing creams though.
What do you do to rescue your skin when it feels tired and gross?
Usually creams with lots of caffeine, and lots of face masks too. Every time I feel unwell my skin seems to feel the same so it happens quite often. Exfoliating in areas such as the chin, lips and nose also seems to help a little bit.
What are your go-to skincare products?
 Definitely my L’Oreal Pure Clay face masks (as you can tell I’m in love with face masks). When it comes to moisturising, I literally go for whatever I am trying at the time.
Do you think that organic or all-natural ingredients truly make a difference in skincare or haircare?
For skincare, I think some do make a difference especially as they can make the skin feel so much fresher but I don’t really mind it. When it comes to hair, I love using products with all-natural ingredients as I also feel those are the products that actually make a difference and fix my hair better (and my hair needs a lot of fixing a little too often).
What type of hair do you have?
My hair used to be super dry because I used to bleach it and dye it all the time. However, I have only dyed it once since January and that was with natural dye so it has been just normal lately. Not dry, not oily but just right. Just needs to grow a little faster now and I’ll be 100% happy with it.
Do you like to wear your hair naturally or do you usually style it?
Fun fact, my hair is actually super short at the minute, it was too damaged so I had to have a lot of it cut off. So, I actually wear wigs. I know a lot of people are gonna be like ‘woah, a wig?”, yes. And there is nothing wrong with wearing a wig. It allows you to change your style all the time without actually damaging your hair or spending loads of money so only positive things.
How do you keep your hair healthy?
I use a lot of hair masks (there I go with the masks again) and I also deep condition my hair often, which also gives it tons of shine, not that anyone sees it but still.
Do you feel like there is a misconception about beauty bloggers being dependent on makeup?
I’m a huge fan of make up. As a beauty blogger/YouTuber I’m the sort of person that is always looking at the latest trends and watching reviews on products before I buy them. So basically, I think make up is awesome, I think you can tell a lot about someone with what they wear on their face on a daily basis and I love the way you can change the way you look all the time. But I also know a lot of beauty bloggers that aren’t so dependent on make up so I guess it’s just one of those things where we all get stereotyped and labelled. Like, I’m super dependent on make up and I don’t see anything wrong with that but Sarah down the road who is also a beauty blogger isn’t so dependent on make up, and there is nothing wrong with that either.
I absolutely loved doing this tag. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.
I won’t be tagging anyone in particular for this tag, you’re all more than welcome to have a go at it. If you decide to do it, leave the link in the comments so that I can check yours out.
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