121 Days To Lose 25kg Challenge | Week Two

Hey there, I’m back with another weight loss update.

As of today I have lost 5.5kg so far

I’m so happy with myself so far I think I could probably cry. I don’t think I have ever lost weight like this apart from when I was super ill last year. It makes me so happy that I’m still eating decently sized meals, just in a healthier way and I’m super happy I’ve been able to keep up with working out as well.

I didn’t really eat much fruit or vegetables before because I always just had so much to do so I would just slam anything in the oven and that was that, even though I love cooking and have always cooked for my little one since he started eating.

I do feel a little drained though but still oddly motivated and energetic at the same time, I can’t really explain it. The work outs and dance sessions I have been doing leave my body feeling like it’s been run over by a Tesco lorry. I kid you not, I sat down the other day and I couldn’t feel my thighs. I’ve heard that the more you get used to it, the less it hurts so I guess I have that to look forward to but for now, my body just wants me to lay on the floor and slide myself like a caterpillar instead of walk.


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