121 Days To Lose 25kg | I’m Challenging Myself

Some of you may already know this if you follow me over on the good ole’ Twitter but for those of you who don’t. Hi, I’m overweight and I’ma lose this belly.

All joking aside though, I’ve been overweight for such a long time and it definitely needs to change. So I’ve decided to give myself a little challenge. I’m going to give myself 121 days (random right?) to lose 25kg. Why 25kg? Well, I actually need to lose 35kg but I’m pretty happy with 25kg, if I’m honest. It looks a little bit more realistic too.

I’m rubbish at keeping up with diets and exercise so I’ve actually had to ”bribe” myself into this. If I manage to lose 25kg in 121 days, I’m going to buy myself a camcorder so I can actually vlog properly on YouTube (my current camera is super heavy and kills my arm… sounds like a good reason to me, no?). Hopefully that will keep me motivated to actually stick with it this time. Is bribing myself even a good idea? Probably not.

Join me on my adventures. I will be learning to cook healthy meals without setting the fire alarm off and I will be trying different exercises and finding the most effective for me.

Are you going to join me?


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