Precious Plaques Wedding Planner Review

Good morning, everyone. It's a snowy Monday for a change so I'm sitting here by the candle light doing lots of wedding planning. This wedding planner from Precious Plaques has been helping me so much in organising and planning everything for the wedding. All to do with budgeting, venues, all the way to guest lists... Continue Reading →


Glossybox Unboxing | January 2018

Hey, everyone. It's been a while. Hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays, but it's back to the real world now. Looks like my first post of this year is going to be a Glossybox Unboxing which I'm definitely not complaining about. You may remember in the December Unboxing post, I mentioned... Continue Reading →

Reflecting On The Past Year

The past year has been quite a roller coaster for me. But there's been lots of improvements from last year. As some of you already know, in 2016 I went through the whole year with gallstones and they didn't diagnose me properly until a few weeks before I was rushed in for surgery. I came... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Post Ideas

I think we all struggle to come up with seasonal blog post ideas at some point. And since I'm sat here planning more Blogmas posts, I thought I would share some post ideas with you. Blog post ideas Decorating the house. What will be on the Christmas table this year. Winter coat guide. Blogmas post... Continue Reading →

Glossybox Unboxing | December 2017

Hello, my lovelies. Didn't feel so festive this time last year but this year, I am totally feeling it! Stressing over which presents I still need to buy/order but I'm feeling it. Anyway, let's get to this month's Glossybox. If you were here this time last month you will probably remember how disappointed I was... Continue Reading →